Who am I?

My name is Pilar and I’m from Zaragoza. If you are living here but don’t quite get to grips with the language, worry not! We are a half British, half Spanish household so I’m a confident English speaker. I know how stressful motherhood is, so the least you have to worry about the better.
I’m going to tell you a secret. I never had a great motherly instinct. When I got pregnant, I wasn’t even sure of what exactly was heading my way. Obviously, I knew that my life would change, but not to what extent. Then Mateo arrived. Boom! I then understood what people said about motherhood. And I’m not talking about tiredness and all that stuff (which is definitely true). I’m talking about that all famous mother’s love, how you heart doesn’t belong to you anymore, and it’s forever linked to those 3 little kilos of love and happiness.
That feeling caught me totally off-guard and I needed plenty of calm and rest to slowly get used to it. Apart from the emotional changes, the logistics of everyday life didn’t make things easier: reckless hours, I never knew when I would be able to leave the house, never-ending feedings,… the chaos of it all made me feel anxious about pretty much everything. From that vital need of calm and rest, my photography project was born and that’s why it is so dear and close to me.

What can I do for you?

My aim is to capture the unforgettable memory of the love of your life whilst respecting your need for calm. That’s why, I go wherever you are so you can fully concentrate on your most important task, to be with your baby. There’s nothing she needs more than that you are next to her night and day, holding her, looking into her eyes, kissing her. Nothing more important in these days and weeks that you make the most of every minute of rest that comes your way. It’s not the time to be the perfect mom, none of us was it. This is the time to enjoy the exhausting task of becoming a mum, that even though sometimes feels like never-ending, it hardly last a moment.

I know how tiring is to become a mum, and that’s why my aim is to respect that fragile balance of your first few weeks as a mum. My priority is to respect your tiredness and your feelings and avoid adding any unnecessary stress. No one better that you knows what you and your baby need right now, and if it is calm and peace, I’ll be there for you. 

 How are my photographs?

My photographs grasp the true love that only happens between a mum and her baby, as well as their need for each other. I want to photograph your baby as she is, with her little wrinkles on her brand new skin, and especially to capture the candidness of her little self.
My photographs are filled with natural light and take place in your every day setting. They are lightly edited, always keeping the features that make you and your baby special.

For who and how are my photography session?

My at-home photo shoots are perfect for those new mums that need plenty of calm and rest during the first days and weeks after the baby’s birth. That’s why, my photo sessions take place in your home, so you don’t have to worry about getting anywhere at a specific time. Plus, since you are at home, you’ll have everything you and your baby may need close to hand.
My sessions usually last in between 45 minutes to an 1 hour, but this duration may change depending how you and your baby are feeling. The last thing I want is that you feel stressed about the shoot, actually, I’d love for you to enjoy it so that happiness shines through in the pictures. Remember that I’m a mum too and that I know that things don’t usually go as planned.
I don’t use any kind of prop for the baby, just what they are wearing that day. Don’t feel like you have to dress her in any special way, she doesn’t need it because she is adorable as she is. Same for you, the most important is that you feel comfortable.
I don’t use any kind of artificial lighting. I will only use the natural light in your home, this way, the baby won’t be disturbed by any unfamiliar lighting that she may not be used to.

What’s included and how much does it cost?

My sessions include:

  • 1 one-hour photography session in your home
  • 15 edited pictures in digital format. I will send them to you in high-resolution, so you can print them, and for web, so you can share them (and show off your little one) with friends and family.
  • Happy Mum Guarantee. It’s difficult to know how plans will turn out when there is a young baby involved, that’s why I give you the option to change the session’s date at no extra cost up to an hour earlier before the shoot is due to start.

Any other questions?

I’ll love to hear from you. If there is anything else you’d like to find out about my sessions, or just fancy saying hi, please leave a message below!