Soy Pilar,
nice to meet you

If 10 years ago someone had told me that I would dedicate myself to photography in the future, I would not have believed them. But as we all know, life takes many turns, and mine is no exception.

After studying Fine Arts at university, my interests led me to the world of art and cultural diplomacy. I enjoyed those years very much but, at the same time, I always felt that something was missing, I was missing creating.

And then my first baby came, turning everything upside down inside me. It was there, right at that moment of internal disorder when I decided to give myself a chance, listen to myself, and respond to the creative call that year after year had grown stronger. I took my camera, I focused, click! It made me feel good, in my place, and like an anchor I clung to it to bring order to my reality.

I got it right away. Photography could translate a feeling into something tangible with just one click. That magic brought me peace, and I began to walk this wonderful path that revolves around family ties. Mine, and yours.